Do you think multi dating/playing the field is the biggest double edged sword of online dating?

One of the things that's good and also shitty from online dating from my years of using it is multi dating/playing the field. I feel that it helps but hurts at the same time. Without sounding hypocritical, I do it and I know damn well the other girls I've met do too.

It's like you can't put your eggs all in one basket for that very reason. It's like if you do and focus towards one person, regardless of how much interest they're showing early on, you'll be very disappointed if it fizzles and they flake, especially after a date or two. The worst time that happened to me was when I get rebounded, not knowing at first, and gave up all opportunities because the girl threw herself at me and I thought I had her and then once I showed interest back, I was tossed aside.

Now, I don't think every girl I see is on the rebound but I've had multiple times where I'll meet a girl who tells me how excited she is to meet me, ask to meet again, and then it just ends out of nowhere which is shitty because it causes me to overanalyze when you can't even think about what you did wrong.

I just think it's good to keep your options open when using dating sites/apps but at the same time, it can be tiring and overwhelming to keep up with your options especially when there's different things you like about each person you're talking to seeing.

I also quit reading into things and play it by ear because time will tell who's really interested. Girls have it easier in making their pick than guys do, that's just how it is. If you think about a relationship right away and it fizzles, you can disappoint yourself as well as lower your self esteem and lose confidence.


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  • It is not the biggest double-edged sword.

    • What is then?

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    • True, I could see that. I've just never been in an open relationship or a relationship for that matter so I can't speak from experience.

    • Understandable.

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