Kids are making dating SO awkward?

This is probably the fifth time kids have come up to my crush and I to ask if we were dating. In the beginning that was all they asked, and we could joke about it, but today they went a little too far. They actually went up to us and told him that I liked him, going further by saying he should make me his girlfriend and marry me and have kids!

It made things so awkward because we both had to say things to each other that could ruin what we are building. I. e. I had to shake my head when asked if I liked him. And he had to say, "no, she's just my best friend."

All this just broke my heart. I had to deny what the kids were saying because I want to be the one to tell him I like him. Or vice versa. Not some nosy children. I texted him afterwards (about something random) to see what damage was done, and it seemed fine. He even called me and asked if he could tag along on a trip I was going on. I'm still worried that this is it because I really do like him.

TL;DR :( I'm just worried that now he thinks he's friend zoned because we both had to say we didn't like each other like that - - due to the kids questions. What do I do to fix this?


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  • Fuckin' kids.
    Once me and my female friend went and got Little Caesar's and then ate it outside on some steps, and this little gaggle of middle schoolers came up and kept attempting to tease us and shit. It was actually pretty entertaining, but yeah they kept trying to make us feel awkward, but we're both very, very cool/relaxed types of people so...


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  • Kids are savage these days haha

  • hang out in a bar.

  • Yeah I hate when kids do that.


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