3 reasons someone should date you, 3 reasons someone shouldn't date you?

What are the 3 biggest reasons to date you? What are the 3 biggest reasons not to date you?

After answering, go through everyone else's opinions, weigh the pros and cons, and upvote if you would date them, and downvote if you wouldn't date them.

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Also, I'm curious as to how my pros and cons weigh out:

Reasons to date me:
1. I am a genuinely kind and selfless person.
2. I am very very affectionate. I'm a teddy bear.
3. I'm funny, witty, and adventurous. I'm not boring, id definitely keep things interesting.

Reasons not to date me:
1. I am somewhat on the clingy side.
2. I'm the jealous type.
3. I have very low self esteem.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • your pros are awesome. YAY teddy bear :p

    my pros and cons:

    1. i'm a decent conversationalist, thou shalt not get bored easily
    2. i'm up for adventure, i appreciate spontaneity
    3. i can be very, very affectionate

    1. i'm very moody. it's hard for me to be cheerful all the time, probably related to self-perception
    2. i like to ask questions, get answers to my questions... but not answer your questions. LOL. basically, i'm a hypocrite.
    3. i shut people out, and it isn't hard for me to do so.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Pros:
    1) I like to think I'm a good dude in general. I treat women well, I'm a gentleman without being a stiff, I'm very socially adept and won't be that awkward guy you brought to the party, and I'm not one of these weirdo dudes with all kinds of strange hang ups, jealousy, clingy or overly intense behavior, etc.
    2) I'm pretty much always in a good/chill mood.
    3) Lets face it... you've done worse for yourself😜

    1) Vain. As. FUCK.😎 Doesn't mean I think I'm anything I'm not, but I like to think I look halfway decent, and being in shape, dressing well, and being well groomed are of top priority, and yes I check myself out in every reflective surface I pass. Not out of admiration, just to make sure everything looks right, haha. You could maybe spin that into a semi-positive thing, but I'm sure that's annoying to girls, especially jousting for mirror position, haha.
    2.) I am a "good times guy." I am NOT a "bad times guy." I'm not really good at comforting girls, beyond "I'm so sorry, baby" and a hug. I just don't have the attention span for sitting there while a girl goes on for an hour about whatever drama is going on in her life. Even with concentrated effort, I zone out. I barely get upset about my own problems, let alone someone else's. Don't get me wrong, I CARE that she's sad or angry or whatever, but I'm not really the person to engage in a long session talking about your problems, especially when it's standard drama and not really serious stuff like a death or serious illness in her family, but in either situation, I tend to shut down. My brain isn't wired for depressing situations. And just stories in general, I don't need the details, I just want the two minute Cliff Notes version, the who-what-where-why. I wish I was different, but I couldn't be more serious when I say it's just not in my control, my brain shifts into neutral at the slightest thing.
    3) I refuse to engage in fights anymore. As I said before, I'm a "good times guy", and fights are decidedly "bad times." I will literally sit there and refuse to acknowledge that there's drama. I'll just calmly say "I don't engage in fights, please lower your voice." Girls absolutely hate that, but I'm not in a relationship to fight. Fighting needs to happen 0% of the time. I'm just not going to do it. Say what you want, call me whatever name you want... it can't become a fight if I don't respond. I'm as stubborn as they come when I want to be, so you'll be yelling for nothing, save your voice.

    • I think all of your cons are pro's tbh.
      You take care of yourself, you at least try, and you don't fight. Any man of mine should be like you lol.

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    • @Elizabeth__ See, that's what I'm talking about! I like you👊 I feel way less old now😂

    • lmfao. man... where do you get your cojones from? gotta sell your formula on amazon, you'd make a killing :p

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What Girls Said 18

  • I Love your Reasons for the Seasons for "Dating Me," here, dear, and I would say That pretty much fits me.
    However, we Differ in the Other 'Wouldn't Date' Me for I am:
    1): Cold footed when it comes to him being clingy.
    2): Cold Clammy when I feel he is going too fast in a relationship.
    3): Cold hearted when I feel I have to break it off when feeling trapped in a corner.
    *Good luck, any girl 'Unlike me' would be lucky to have you. xx

  • Reasons to date me :
    1. Funny and talkative on different subjects
    2. I am caring and supportive (if needed)
    3. I will become a doctor. So in case of an emergency i might be able to help. And I would also consider myself smart and down to earth
    Bonus: I can cook and also no one will steal me away from you lol
    1. Low self-esteem
    2. Not experienced at the moment. Not even in kissing
    3. Can be short-tempered or jealous, but I manage to calm myself and actually discuss a problem

  • Hmm, reasons to date me:
    - adventurous (that's usually considered a plus for active ppl)
    - pretty outgoing/social
    - intellectual (because no matter how much you know, you never know enough)

    Reasons not to date me:
    - kinda clumsy so that might sometimes result in embarrassing situations
    - too cheeky/forward sometimes
    - total perfectionist :P

    • by the way your reasons to date you definitely weigh out those to not date you!

  • reason to date me
    -postive most of the time
    reason not to date me
    -confused about life
    -too clingy.

    • Lol you can never be "too" clingy in my book!

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    • Hey I like you already ^^

    • @archiz awe thanks...

  • Reasons to: I'm super funny. Seriously. Everyone knows it😂
    I'm really kind, and protective.
    I'm always up for trying something new!

    Reasons not to: I can be fairly feisty sometimes.
    I'm extremely indecisive
    I can be clingy. It's not like I need to always be around you, but once I am... I'm a spider monkey.

  • three reasons to date me
    1) i am awesome
    2) i am yet awesome
    3) i will always be awesome
    three reasons not to date me
    1) i don't like humans
    2) i hate you
    3) now i am bored of u so i am gonna move on

  • Pros:
    1) i like spontaneity
    2) i'm capable of handling you at your worst
    3) i can be very affectionate

    1) flaky
    2) naive on some things
    3) don't talk much

  • to date
    1 im chill af
    2 im cool af
    3 i can cook good af

    reasons not to date
    1 im emotionally detached
    2 i like to be alone
    3 i sleep too much

  • Hmm...

    Reasons to date me:
    1. I'm super laid back, so we'll have a drama and stress free relationship. I only ever get upset or angry over really major things.
    2. I'm domestic as hell. I cook, I clean, and I don't mind doing it. I also have a compulsion to look after people, so you're set if you're sick, injured, sad, or anything else, really.
    3. I'm really into all things sci-fi, as well as action movies, comics, and video games, so we'll have a blast. I also love getting outdoors and doing things, to mix it up.

    Reasons not to date me:
    1. I'm incredibly indecisive. I hate making decisions, from the trivial to the important.
    2. I'm a borderline alcoholic.
    3. I don't deal with stress very well, and I can become really neurotic over making things perfect.

  • Ermm
    1-I help and give a lot
    2-I am fun and easy going and to hang out with
    3-I can be very sweet if I like the guy
    Now why not to date me
    1-I need personal space
    2-I am reckless and careless when it comes to obligations and money. Basically I am chill whatever mess
    3-I am pretty sensitive and get hurt easily.
    But I don t show it up and keep it inside which would make me gradually more distant to the guy

  • No boobs, no butt, but I got a great personality jk

    1. I can be funny sometimes (maybe)
    2. I can be nice sometimes (occasionally)
    3. I have money

    1. I'm lowkey clingy af. Like i don't hang on you and crap but i get sad when he doesn't reply for a long time.
    2. I'm boring. I talk a lot about cows, and not much else unless I'm really trying.
    3. I'm inexperienced. Like, really really really inexperienced. I just had my first kiss, and I barely know how to even talk to a guy

    so yep. It would basically be like dating a cow.

  • 1. I'm attractive but not intimidatingly good looking. (Like a 7 or an 8 if you're into petite women... according to other men and women.)
    2. I'm naturally caring, loyal, and responsible.
    3. I'm into sports, the outdoors, and new experiences.

    1. I'm busy a lot with work and volunteering.
    2. I don't commit for long unless I'm really into you.
    3. I have been cheated on by some exes and will want our relationship to be public on your social media. No more online dating site profiles either, please.

    • I could date you if you were ok with the fact that i hate competitive sports, don't want to talk about them, and don't want to watch them on T. V. Although i am into outdoor sports, such as rafting, climbing, and hiking.

    • That's really not an issue to me. I like to watch them for entertainment purposes, but that's not a deal breaker for you to not watch them with me or discuss them with me.

  • Reasons to date me:
    1. I'm intelligent and can keep up an interesting conversation.
    2. I'm kind and affectionate.
    3. I'm the type of person who lakes to take care of others.

    Reasons not to date me:
    1. I'm someone who needs their space, but sometimes I'll isolate myself from everyone (most likely if I'm hurting).
    2. I'm stubborn and can be selfish at times.
    3. I need someone who can keep me interested in the relationship, if you can't I will most likely get bored and start distancing myself which doesn't end well.

  • I honestly see no reasons not to date you, based on this.

    • Thankyou, that's sweet <3

  • I clicked B by accident.

  • Pros of dating me:
    1) smart and funny
    2) get along with almost any group of people (even parents love me)
    3) Affectionate and easy to please

    Cons of dating me:
    1) I'm still a little naive
    2) Not a whole lot of dating experience
    3) Don't ever feel good enough to be with a guy like you

    • Aww, come on now, I'm not exactly a catch :(

      (For the record, i upvoted)

  • reasons to date:
    1) i am very caring and loving. i go out of my way for people especially when theyre sick. if i was with a guy who was diagnosed with a serious disease, i wouldn't hesitate to take care of him in every way i could. and i like to express i care.
    2) lady in the streets, freak in the sheets though i am a virgin but i know thats how i will be
    3) i am quirky in a fun way. harry potter midnight premieres, haunted houses, dancing in the rain, blasting foreign music during car rides kinda fun,

    reasons not to date:
    1) my family is traditional so it would take effort to work around them
    2) i am a doctor and so my schedule might suck
    3) i stress the small stuff a little too much. most people dont know it but people closest to me know it and see it

  • Reasons to date me:
    1. I'm musically talented (not bragging, we all have talents :) )
    2. I know exactly what i want in life, from career to marriage
    3. When I love someone I really love them and care for them, even if they don't care about me as much/I'm selfless when it comes to the man I love
    4. I guess I'm kind of fun to hang out with... Maybe
    *I love kids :)

    Reasons not to date me:
    1. I'm picky. Last time I was in love was in high school. I'm in my third year of college now and I just finally met someone who interests me a little. So even though I date, i can't guarantee that I really love/care about the person
    2. Unless I LOVE you, I might make you cry then maybe care for a few seconds. But usually weak men turn me off so...
    3. I'm private/independent. It will take a while for me to open up to you about my secrets and insecurities. And I don't like small talk - I'll listen if you want to talk though.
    4. I'm expensive (sorry). Don't ever make me eat McDonalds or make me ride the bus. Ever.

    Thank you that's all


What Guys Said 9

  • 1. I have unerring faith in other people even when they have no faith in themselves.
    2. I have a wide array of skills and knowledge in helping others succeed.
    3. I have excellent planning skills and a strong track record of actualization.

    1. I enjoy being alone.
    2. I hold people to high standards.
    3. I cannot partner with someone who is not as ambitious as I am.

  • Pros

    I'm pretty chill and can be pretty funny
    I'm reliable
    I'm generally drama-free


    I'm a homebody
    I'm not much of a talker
    I can be pretty distant

  • Reasons to date me

    Reasons to not date me
    1) I'm confrontational, this is to prevent me from being hurt again
    2) I'm extremely awkward
    3) I'm still "getting over" I guess, a girl that lead me on for 3 years. I'm not holding the actions her against other women, I just meed to make sure that the damage she did to me is gone so I don't take it out on whoever decides to date me, thus why my "reasons to date me" are just... well nothing

  • For
    1. I'm quite smart
    2. Others say I'm quite entertaining
    3. I'm a good listener and people say I give good advice

    1. I lack confidence
    2. I'm not very attractive
    3. I'm the worst person at picking up subtle hints

  • 1. im so funny
    2. im passionate
    3. im an artist

    -1. im lazy
    -2. i lack romantic desires
    -3. im pessimistic

  • Reasons why not?

    I'm an asshole
    I'm a selfish lover
    I'm a man whore.

    Reasons why?
    Can't think of anything.

  • Reasons:
    Kind person, but know when boundaries are crossed
    Not good reasons:
    I tell it like i see it
    depressed some of the time

  • Reasons to Date:
    -Caring Partner, good listener.
    -Sense Of Humour

    Reasons to Dump Me
    -High Maintenance
    -Below Average Sex Drive
    -Sometimes Lazy

  • To date:
    1. I can dance
    2. I am packing heavy ammo
    3. Smarter than most people think

    No to date:
    1. Macho mentality
    2. Have to emotional understanding
    3. Trust issues


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