Why the disappearing act?

So I met a guy on tinder, we went on a date, it went awesome. We had fun, it wasn't the slightest bit awkward, we had a lot in common etc. We were having so much fun we extended the date and found more to do after dinner. We did kiss, and as soon as I left he text me telling me how much fun he had and how he was excited to get to know me better. The very next night he said he was bored so I jokingly told him to come over and watch a movie (I live 75 miles from him) and he came over. We had an awesome time again, and after another long date we started kissing again and it led to oral sex. He spent the night, and was very affectionate, forehead and nose kisses, cuddling, brushing my hair out of my face, and kept asking what I was thinking about. He left and told me he wanted to see me again, so we made plans to see each other a few days later. Over the next two days he kept talking to me as if he were really into me and then the day before we were supposed to meet stopped talking/contacting me. The night he stayed over I casually asked what if anything he was looking for. He said "I don't want a relationship tomorrow, but I'm definitely not opposed to it." I let him know my mindset was the same, and that I was having fun getting to know him. Was he was just looking for sex? I'm really confused as to why he was acting like he was extremely into me and being so affectionate, and just stopped contacting me.


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  • He was being nice to get what he could from you, and you gave it to him without him being committed to you or anything, so why would he want to be anything more (like your bf) when he's getting what he wants pretty easily.


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