Guys, How can I tell if this guy likes me without asking?

He laughs at stuff i say, he flirts with me but he kinda flirts with other people too, i have his number but he didn't text me back lol so wtf... What do i do?


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  • just text him, see how fast and how often he responds. The quicker the response and the more frequent the more he likes you

    • I dont wanna keep texting him without a response and seem crazy or something

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    • ask how classes are going, what are his plans for Christmas break, what he did this weekend, what he plans to do next weekend, etc.

    • ask his whats going on or whats new

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  • You can't. Simple.

  • I think he friendzoned you but thats just me

    • We're not friends. I meant the last text i sent he didn't respond but it was a mean joke anyway so thats probably why

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