How can I stop being a hypocrite in my relationship?

I have been with my boyfriend for almost two years and we have had our good and bad days. Within the first few months he seemed crazy about me and talked a lot about our possible future together. However we had an issue over the summer that pushed us apart. We are working on getting close again and I feel things are going great however lately if I mention our future he replies differently. He says he likes the thought but that he doesn't know what the future will hold. Meanwhile me being the insecure one I take this as being undesirable and I constantly fear asking about it worrying it's annoying. At the same time I don't know for certain if spending my life with him is what I want. How can I stop expecting him to feel this way about me and enjoy the relationship in the present? Also how can I get rid of these insecure feelings and reassure myself he loves me? Advice is much appreciated.


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  • Just. Get. Used. To. It.

    He's not sure, you're not sure, Expecting him to be enthusiastic while you know you aren't is entirely your ego at work. You want the power of knowing with certaintty that you are desired while you're still making your mind up.

    • You're right! Thank you

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  • Stop asking about the future for now. You two went through a rough patch do he being a guy is taking the logical approach. Let the now built up strong again before you bring the future into it.


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