Anxiety problem or what guys?

Me and my boyfriend spend every night together. We have been dating for over 1yr now and he is great. I live with my mom and he has his own place. I am not ready to move together cus i want to finish school first. I'm 22 and he's 29.

Its so natural to spend each night together cus we have been doing it for so long now. So yesterday he decided to go watch the fight at his guy friends house and I did the same with my friend. Today he is deciding to watch the game at his friends and I'm just home alone. Feeling kind of lonely.

I really miss him and I'm feeling anxious and a little sad at the fact we have been apart for over 24 hours. My mind starts having crazy thought like if he is with another girl or if there's girls there or maybe if he would ever cheat on me. I feel depressed when I'm alone or with out him at night.

this is sad but I had many friends when I was younger. But as I got older they seemed to all betray me or I just out grow them. I meet people at work and out and the people I seem to connect with have kids and are married and a bit older. Witch makes it challenging for them to go out. Moth of my time is spent with my man or working. I don't have friends to hang out with. I don't know what to do cus in alone now and I'm thinking bad of my boyfriend for leaving me alone for so long. I spoke to him 2hours ago and he said he was coming tonight.
What do I do to keep my sanity?
Sincerly, all about her boyfriend / friends have faded/ any advice is helpful !!!


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  • It's called over-dependency, and you need to learn to be okay on your own. It's unhealthy to be so attached to someone, and rely on them to make you feel content, or even "sane". You should keep spending time by yourself, until you can learn to be happy and "soothe" yourself, like children need to learn to do, so that you don't depend entirely on your boyfriend to keep yourself happy and satisfied.


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