I have quite a high standard when it comes to dating men, how to lower it?

Before I date a man, I first look at his physical features then personality will follow. I like skinny guys, so if one is chubby/fat, i wouldn't even look at him.

If I dont like something about his physique, I get turn off and chuck him out even if he has good personality.

Because of this Im really picky with guys and always single, even if there are guys who wants to date me. I want to at least change/lower/try to accept people as a whole but its difficult 😞


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  • Don't lower it. My dick will not get hard for girls I don't find attractive, so it's out of the question for me to date fat girls and girls who are skinny-fat. I only date physically fit, attractive girls. It's hard to find them, and I have to step my game up because those kinds of girls don't date fugly guys. So be sure your game is as good as you can make it. Focus on getting yourself as fit and sexy as possible and then you can afford to be as picky as you'd like. Never, ever settle. Life's to short to fuck fat guys.


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  • That's all cool I wouldn't date a picky woman so it's all good... A person can't change hard wired ideas and be happy with themselves much less the person they are fighting their own instinct and forcing them selves to be with 😏

  • sounds like you have probably missed out on a lot of good people, but there has to be some kind of spark

  • YOU ARE A BITCH... :)
    women like you gets used by players and then u cry why u dont find true love ":)


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