Why do only messed up girls find black guys attractive?

Seriously, it seems like only messed up, ghetto, unattractive, or "experimental" girls like black guys, seriously, even only ghetto black girls like black guys, wtf


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  • "Why do only messed up girls find black guys attractive?"

    Plenty of "normal" girls find black guys attractive, so your statement is clearly false.

    Why do racist people always hide behind the anonymous feature?

    • Speaking as an actual black male, that hasn't been my experience, the only exception being when said black man was rich and flaunted his wealth

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    • Why are you so deep in denial

    • I'm not in denial. I've simply witnessed (and experienced) things that contradict your claim.

What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah I wondered this myself I'm biracial and no white women seem attracted to me but all the ones you mentioned gravitate towards me and that's not my personality


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