I get so jealous?

I get so jealous of other girls who are pretty and can have a faithful guy in a relationship.
This might sound really childish, but its true. I have a pretty face, and I use to have anorexia until I gained all the weight back plus 15 lbs. I'm at 135 right now standing at 5'1 .. And I feel disgusting. I don't go out because I don't feel good enough to dress up. I'm still trying to get back to 110. But stress is eating me alive. I Invision the life I want to live and get my own life started. I get so stressed because I feel like I'll never have a relationship or achieve any goals because of me trying to lose weight. I get so damn jealous of other girls with boyfriends, not that having a boyfriend will make me happy. Only I can of course , but I'm so damn lonely. I hate females because well , they are bitches. I only like talking with my family, hanging out etc. I want to start dating, then again I want to get my shit together first. Is there any advice on how I can make myself less stressed? I'm 17 and shouldn't be this stressed out...


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  • You need to ask your parents to take you to therapy.


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