Why would she ask me if I was on a date?

Background about my crush: I first asked my crush out at the end of September. She did not accept the date and told me that she will think about it. A month ago, she presented me a bad news that she have chosen another guy over me as her boyfriend and that she have officially rejected me.

Yesterday, I was hanging out with a female friend of mine (one on one hang out) in downtown. My phone buzzed and my crush sent me a text "ohh.. I just saw you in dt with a girl... good for you :P"

I immediately called her and say
"Haha, I did not notice you at all, where were you?"
She then answered "I am on the bus going back home from a job interview."
Then she added "Are you on a date?"
I answered "No, I was not." Then I hesitated for a bit (I want to tell her that I still like her, but it will be awkward since the other girl was with me. I end up not telling her).
She then reply "It's OK, you do not need to explain."

After calling her, I then replied to her message "Too bad that the girl isn't you, lol."
She did not reply to that message.

Why would she ask me if I was on a date?
-Were there any intentions when she asked that question?

What was in her mind when she saw me with that girl?
-Will she think I am a player?
-Will she think I am more desirable?
-Will she think that I already moved on?


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  • She hoping that you moved on. That's why she texred that, as a way to see if you look at other women, and because it's a nice thing to do.

    She might think you're more desirable, but likely not enough to swing the vote.

    That being said, maybe I'm wrong. Don't know
    Good luck though


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