Would it be wise to ask out best friend of a girl I recently confessed to?

I don't want to look desperate or anything but I confessed my feelings to a girl who turned me down. After that I started to talk to her best friend who's way more social and she enjoys talking to me.

Now after some time has passed I'm starting to like her and want to ask her out. I'm not really sure if it'd be wise to do so..


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  • How long has it been since you told that girl you had feelings? Because if it's 2 weeks or less, then wait a bit longer to ask her best friend out

    • Its been a month

    • Then it should be fine to ask her out. I mean, if she turned you down, then you shouldn't worry about dating her best friend. Who knows, maybe she turned you down because her best friend was interested in you before you got to know each other? I would do that for my best friend if she liked a guy who happened to confess to me… If you see where I am going with this?

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