I don't think I ever want to have kids. Will I ruin my chances of getting married?

I'm 22 and my whole life, I never really wanted kids. I never even had an itch to have em. My mom always said, "You might change your mind when you meet the right guy."
I had fallen in love with a guy who was amazing. He was taken unfortunately, so I can't be wit him.
But why I even bring that up is because, tonight, while thinking about this, I tried to imagine life as if I COULD be with that guy. I asked myself, "Would I still want kids? Even with THIS amazing guy?" And I couldn't really get myself to say yes. :(

I have no urge in me. I'm scared that i may either 1) never get married or 2) Marry, but to a guy that I've settled for.
Am I screwed? I'm so scared. As if finding a guy to love wasn't hard enough, I think this is making it even harder.

Have you ever changed your mind about kids even if you were SO sure you didn't want them? Am I doomed?
Any advice would help.


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  • Why you even want to get married? there is no much point in marriage if you don't want kids.


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  • There are lots of people that don't want kids. And that's okay! You just have to find them. It's funny because the people who do want kids always find the people that don't and vice versa. They're out there. No worries :)


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  • Not wanting kids is not a crime, and you're certainly not doomed because of it, don't worry. And marriage is not necessarily a recipe for kids. People can marry without having children.

    Maybe you will change your mind later on maybe you won't either way it's fine.
    There are enough men around who don't want kids either.

    So stop worrying! Live your life the way you want to, who knows what the future has in store for you.


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