Thinking of my crush 9 years later- is it normal?

I liked this one particular guy and he liked me for the entire period (4 years) whilst we were both at varsity. I still remember the first look we gave each other just like it was the other day.
I remember no other guy could even come into this space only him.

We were both too shy to make a move or even talk to each other. After we both left varsity, I started working and never saw him again.
A year later I met someone else and we started dating, Im still dating him after being in a relationship with him for 8 years.
He is a really good guy, good values, treats me well etc but...
I still find myself think of my "crush" from time to time, from when we parted till now, i did not think of him too often but lately it has been often, what he is doing in his life, is he thinking of me, does he remember me etc

Is this normal or am I just abnormal?


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  • It's normal. Maybe your getting bored with your current boyfriend. That sucks that you never talked or dated your crush. Don't let your past crush mess up things with the future. It's probably one of those things you should had took a risk but didn't and maybe you are regretting it niw. Don't let it disrupt everything in your life.


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  • You are in love.
    From then till now.
    Find him and say what your heart feel for him
    :-) :-) :-)

  • If your 'crush' was your first love those feelings don't ever leave or die you just learn to cope with them

  • No it's normal it's just a little unhealthy because it shows that you regret not saying anything

  • It's normal. Different things will remind me from women from my past.


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