Are these good signs?

ok so I've been talking to this girl for about a week we both think each other are cute and have been talking non stop plus we found out we have literally everything in common except for gender we never disagree on anything but anyway last night she asked me if i was looking for a friendship or realtionship so i said relationship so she said basically that she said she does like me but also said that she is old fashioned and doesn't want to feel obligated to have sex and im the same way so i told her i was too so are these good signs or bad signs?
I really need some girls opinions


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  • Dude,,, ur going in friendzone,,,
    tell her that u like her more than a friend and u can't talk to her or else u will fall in love with her...

    • Ok but she also said she wants to go on a few dates and see what happens what do you think of that?

    • Do as she says... but tell her immediately that u like her more than a friend...
      and start caring for her like a boyfriend...
      otherwise dude... u will always remain in friend zone...

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