Did a love letter from your ex ever work?

Not the type of letter begging for another change or repeating "i love you I miss you" but a genuine letter by a decent writer.


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  • Honestly I have never taken an ex back because they were an ex for a reason. The only way a love letter would ever work is in a set of very remarkable circumstances.

    It likely wouldn't work for me, because as I said: an ex is an ex for a reason.

    • I feel like my letter would expose why I had been passive, and hopefully reaffirm its worth another chance

    • Hey if you feel it'll legitimately work, then all the power to you, you know this girl better than I do. I unfortunately can only speak from personal experience.

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  • if one of my exes contact me wanting to get back together it's kinda annoying

  • Never got one, all my ex's were assholes. Did you dump her or the other way?

    • She dumped me. No cheating or arguing or lying. It was a communication and expression issue on my part. I've been in NC for about a month because I tried getting her back a week after breakup but she didn't think I would change. I've never given her a note or flowers or anything.

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    • she wasn't really a bitch about it. All she wanted was forme to open up more and be more outgoing, but in the time we met I lost my job and apartment and was unemployed for two months. My mind was elsewhere. we broke up once mutually and she called me back crying, we got back together but I didn't change much and a few months went by and broke up again. Only this time I am the one that wants to make it work. When we met up a month ago I expressed myself but she didn't want to reconcile and said some things that really made me want to change, for myself. I can't get her out of my head and I took her for granted

    • I'd use these lyrics: "I've found a reason to show, a side of me you didn't know. A reason to start over new... And the reason is you."

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