Is it unadvised to wait in order to ask for a girl's number?

Hello, I'll need your help for an issue I'm currently facing.

There's a girl that I'm attracted to, in my management class. So far, we've talked like twice during the management class and that's all. I want to ask her out, but being shy do not help me out to go ask for her number out of the blue.

I need some time to be prepare mentally and physically to ask her number, but if let say I wait one month before asking her number, is it too long?

Thank you for your help.


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  • I consider that way too long. You're just making excuses in order not to approach her sooner than that because you're scared of the possibility of being rejected. You are going to face many rejections in life, but you should always find the strength to continue, instead of cultivating your fears.

    • Thank you for your honesty. :)

      What about 2 weeks instead of a month? In order to be able to prepare the field so I'll maybe feel more comfortable to ask her out. We've talked only twice in class so I guess it is not enough to go a step further. What do you think?

      Hoping to read you soon.

    • She may be asked out by another person if you wait that long. Pretty girls get approached quite often.

    • Thank you for your guidance, I'll see how to manage to overcome my fear and tell what I feel. I really want to ask her out but the words do not come out, it's like someone has a gun on me if I dare ask her out :(

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  • Instead of having a fixed time period before asking her for her number, try to set specific goals in term, s of how much you need to talk to her. Start off with some small talk, and see if she responds in a positive way. If so, then ask her number on some pretext, like "Hey, you mind sharing your number? We take the same classes, so we can help each other out when needed" or something like that.


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  • Don't ask for her number straight up. Describe something fun you guys can do together, and then ask for her number in order that you guys can coordinate the event.

    Be like, "we should totally go see that movie!" or whatever. Once she agrees, say, "let me have your number then so we can make that happen."


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