He says thank you every morning after we spend the night together... Is that normal?

So I’ve been seeing this guy once/twice a week for a little over a month now and we havnt spoken where its all going but everytime he stays at mine the next morning he says thank you and gives me a kiss. At the beginning I thought it was sweet but now it’s making me feel a bit like a service?

We live in different cities but its only 20 min drive... anyway i still haven't been to his even though he keeps saying I have to go but never actually sets a date...

I’m a bit confused to what we are and terrified of asking him.. but he left some things at mine last time (intentionally) so i guess we arn't just hooking up? But I haven’t met any of his friends…is it still too early for that? Im a bit apprehensive because he is more experienced than I am…he has dated quite a few people and has said he hasn’t been in a serious relationship for the past four years.. is that his way of saying he isn’t planning on making this serious?

So…Is it strange that he says thank you every time? Is it his way of keeping things casual between us? and should I be worried that I haven’t been to his or met any of his friends?

p. s. When we are together everything is really intense and we get along amazingly which is why I’m so nervous I guess.. we’ve actually both said that we feel like we are 16 again when we are together…


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  • it depends where you at in the situation... sounds to me like he is just being polite. Would you rather him say... call you later... and then walk out? If it is just been a lust thing for while, then I think he is just being respectful not insinuating it is a service.

    • No it hasn't been just a lust thing we always go on dates and make sure we hang out he just ends up staying the night like a boyfriend would i guess... It just really weirds me out... he does always say talk later as well though and we send a few text back and forth everyday... You are probably right and i'm just over thinking it...

    • I think you could be reading into it too much... he could be saying thank you from the perspective of... thank you for last night it was great! Not just the sex part, but, the time you have allowed him to spend with you...

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  • He's playing you, and you are a service to him. He might even have someone in that town 20 minutes away.


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  • I've had women thank me after sex, it always weirded me out a little. I guess some people just have odd ideas about what is appropriate.


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