Does dating constitute as a relationship to you?

If you're dating, do you consider it to be a closed relationship or open? i. e. You're dating, even if you state you only date one person at a time, do you assume dating constitutes that a person dates only one person at a time or they are not in a relationship and therefore are, or potentially, dating more than one person at a time.

In essence how do YOU define dating - not just for yourself but in general?


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  • When I'm "dating" I go out on dates with whoever I want to, whenever. Till a guy asks me to be his girlfriend or I've clearly said I'm exclusive with a guy I don't limit myself.


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  • ONLY Marriage is a relationship to me.

    • Downvoters and GAGers can feel whatever they like. The fact does not change. Everything else is illicit.

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  • I feel dating requires a bit of commitment because it can lead to a relationship and if it isn't then why date them really?


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