Have I been too needy?

I met this guy on Halloween. We chatted and kissed for a bit and exchanged numbers. Been chatting everyday since and he's has asked me near everyday when we're going to meet up again. I'm working a lot so the only times I'm really free is the weekend. The last two weekends I've had family stuff on and couldn't meet but this weekend we were both free. I text him and asked him how he was feeling as he was sick and he told me he was still feeling run down. I told him I'd just leave calling up to see him then. An hour later he put on Facebook that he was going out. I text him and told him if he needs help with the hangover the next day let me know. He said it was just a house party nothing big. Later that night I just sent him an emoji and I got a reply saying "someone being needy lol" I replied "nope, just bored lol" So far I haven't got a reply and I don't know if he was just joking or not. We do tease each other a lot and joke around so I'm thinking its normal enough.

Was I being needy? He seems pretty keen on me as am I on him but I'm wondering if he's game playing a bit. I don't really want to send him any more texts as he hasn't even looked at the one I sent yesterday.


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  • He doesn't sound keen on you to me. He had a chance to go out with you, declined and said he wasn't feeling well and then went out. Now if I were in his shoes and you said that I could call you to help me with a hangover the next day I'd take that as you being a bit desperate after I just dissed you. Unless I'm missing something, this doesn't sound really positive.

    • Yeah, I think you're right. He has said before that he's a bit of an asshole to try and keep me keen and interested. Not sure I can be bothered with that to be honest. He asked me all week if we were gonna meet up and when I say yes, he's sick. I don't get it.

    • Yeah, make him work a little bit, if he's interested he'll put in the effort so start being more distant.

    • That's what I'm gonna do. I've just left texting him until he replies to me..

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