How do you know when you're in a relationship?

Recently I was very shocked to discover my idea of a Sheldon and Amy style Relationship Agreement isn't reality. That's what I've been expecting my whole life.


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  • You will be the greatest jerk of whole cosmos to believe that it is reality... hahaha

    Its simple if he ask you out and you go out with him happily for about at least three times and he is pushing it forward and forward the yeah you are in relationship while you must keep sex out of table because he may be shy to ask you for that.

    • I'm not saying their specific agreement. But I have always expected the process of formally sitting down to hash out terms and when you come to an acceptable agreement between both parties, then you have a relationship.

    • Listen, relationship means you have to lose something to get some in return. I know the terms are better but not the best way to follow, let assume that you are married and he is angry at you, now he will cross the line What will you do?
      Stick to your agreement and blew the whole relationship up or you will bear it and let it go.
      If you take the 2nd choice when you will be crossing the line he will be there for you, the agreement usually destroys the whole concept of love, just love him if you are sincere he will be to for sure.

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  • Are you setting up a body and emotion business with someone? Because that's where you make a contract. Sheldon and Amy's is a very conditional agreement. It's a bit too objective. And it's entertainment. The heart and mind and body are fickle. Ain't gonna be listening to you.

    Sure, you'll sit down and plan out your meetings. There will be mutual agreements to certain things. But you can't list out things and go tick-mark.

    Call it love or a relationship.. it's when the happiness and sadness and pain of the other person becomes your own and when the other person is moved by you similarly. When you try to understand things from the other's perspective instead of holding your own ground defiantly. When you can honestly tell each other stuff and be open to criticism.

    Everyone works in different ways. Everyone labels it different. But a 'relationship' can be a very many things and of various levels. Can't really define that. It really depends. Even a friends-with-benefits is a kind of relationship which has certain allowances and certain lines drawn. I guess that's more contractual in nature. People can date and not be in a relationship. In this case, a relationship is when you're emotionally (and physically) invested in someone.


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  • Hahaha I really hope your joking

    • No. My friends had the same reaction, thus I'm researching. I'm also starting to wonder if I've been in relationships in the past without knowing it.

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