Girls, Asian girl and Latino guy boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, what's it like?

I'm sick of hearing my sister (who's dating an Chinese guy) tell me I'll probably end up with a Latina! I'm Latino myself so I understand where she's coming from but I don't want to date my own culture for the fact it'd be like dating my own family. Not only that I want someone who can teach me about their culture since I like to learn and learning a new language is something I'd like. I'm really drawn to East Asians because most of my close friends are Asian so I already feel comfortable with them, but I also like white girls cause I'm pretty white washed myself so having someone with that cultural background would also be nice. I've had pretty much every race be attracted to me and I'm pretty open minded. Most of all personality wins me over.

Are there any East Asian girls who have or are dating a Latino? What's it like for you?


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  • Talk to her about it


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