Ladies just a question?

I had classes with this girl named jessica. We rarely talked and keep in mind she had plenty time to do something but didn't all along. She's friends with my friends. We just graduated and after 6 months she added me on facebook. She likes my selfies/likes my post and sometimes comments. If that's not enough it was my bday and she said "happy b-day and hey we should take out our cars for a cruise and wow i love that new exhaust in your car *in love emoji face*.

could this girl like me if so how sure are you on a scale of 1-10? my friends asked her what she thought of me and she said "he's a cool friend". Also i consider myself good looking i had my girlfriends in the past so go figure.


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  • You're just someone she added so she could extend her social circle, that's all. She's just being social, there's nothing else to it. If she referred to you as a "cool friend" that's all she thinks of you as.


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