So I am having a thing with this popular girl and we are taling on snapchat and I thjnk I asked a stupid question and she stopped talking?

What does this mean? How should my conversation go with a popular girl? What are some good topics that can make a long conversation and not one sided? I just want to make sure im doing everything right i dont want to screw myself up and this thjng i have going on.


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  • Talk about anything that isn't disturbing

    • We were talking about her going on vacation and i asked if she had family there and she said not really then i asked why are you in florida and not in Illinois which I don't know what i did wrong vbut she just stopped talking for a couple hours

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    • What would i say later? "Hey"

    • Yeah something like that or what's up or i'm bored

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  • It means she is not interested. As for topics, it can be anything.


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