Going on a date after hooking up? And what is he implying?

Okay so on Saturday night I went to a small gathering, it was about 10 of us. I hadn't met any of the guys that were there before as they were friends of a friend. But I did recognize one guy, he's a few years older but I'd seen him around. Anyway, we were all drinking and I didn't get hammered by any means but I did get to the point where I was feeling cuddly and didn't have a care in the world. So this guy who was drunk as well had been hitting on me all night, we ended up hooking up. And when I say hooking up I don't mean sex. Where I live hooking up means a lot of touching/making out. Anyway, he kept saying how beautiful and out of his league I am. There were multiple times where I had to stop him from wanting to do more, I told him I'm not that kind of girl to which he replied "that just makes you 10x hotter." So all we did was lie down on the couch and kiss/touch and cuddle. Anyway we didn't exchange numbers but we did add each other on Instagram and snapchat. He went through my pictures and liked a bunch of them today, and then sent me a few things on snapchat.

Later he sent me a message on snapchat saying "I was so drunk last night haha". Which got me thinking, what is he trying to imply? That he regrets it? This will sound ridiculous but I'm a good looking girl, and all night the guys were following me around. So it's not like it was beer goggles influencing his decision. If he asks to see me again, which he said he wanted to on Saturday night, should I say yes? He was cute and all but I still hardly know a thing about him. I feel like it's so awkward to see each other under normal circumstances after meeting at a party scene. Opinions?


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  • He's just using "I was so drunk last night" as a casual conversation starter. He's interested.

    No harm in meeting up again, but be watchful. Make sure he takes you on a proper date to start getting to know each other. Even after, if he just wants to pressure you for more physical stuff, then ditch him. Make him wait for as long and for as many dates as it takes for you to be comfortable.

    The fact that he was into your holding off on hooking up in the more intimate meaning means that he may just see you as a challenge to bed. There are men out there who are that way, unfortunately.

    • Thanks for your response. We did hangout again and I had to tell him again that I wouldn't just jump in bed with him. He said "I know, I listened when you said it on Saturday night. I think you're more special than that." I have no idea if he really means it or not.

    • Time can tell you the answer to that. I'd keep seeing him and see how it goes.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • This is pretty much how me and my ex ended up together, except I was the only one who was drunk lol. I think if you like him then you should meet up with him again on Saturday. Maybe go to the cinema or out for dinner for a date or something? See where it goes from there :)


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