Why do rough biker/mechanic kind of men like me?

First of all, I find those type of men (who usually have beards and some muscles) very attractive.
I am a ladylike type young woman, I like to dress in small high heels and long dresses and do my hair and make up similar to Jackie-O and famous 1940's American Jazz singers. I don't have false coloured hair, an excess of piercings or any tattoos like many women in their culture (not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just not my style).
I am quite reserved and shy and bookwormish, but love to discuss art and politics and whatever.
I am not stuck-up or pretentious in anyway either.
I have noticed that these men seem to really like me and find me attractive. We are such polar opposites, why do you think this is?


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  • They like you cause you sound like a great girl. I find your type attractive. I fit that description more or less. I have kept beard, work on the occasional car, and I woundt say I'm very muscular but I'm strong and well built

    • Awwww, you're sweet <3 Do you like to ride motorcycles?

    • To be honest, I don't ride them. I have but there's a good chance I could get killed and I don't want my parents and siblings to live with that. But I have tried it

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  • In my experience, the thing that they like the most, are young, confident women who share their lifestyle, music taste, etc. Not ''provocatively'' dressing, you can dress like a rocker chick, but still be sexy and classy.
    I actually find myself not going to biker bars anymore, because they can get really creepy with all the oogling and staring.
    If they really like you, they WILL chase you and let you know that they like you. But there are some pretty chill dudes there, yeah.

    • I don't really share their lifestyle. I am a young poet and currently working towards a career as a criminal lawyer. Nor do I dress like a 'rocker chick' and I am not into tattoos or drinking at bars. I'm very introverted and kind of shy. But I love the roughness and attitude that bikers have. It puts me at ease. So I find it strange that they pay attention to me.

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    • Yes, it is "why" :) since you seem to know about them what do you think then?

    • To be honest, I don't know. Even I can be considered ''too feminine'' to some of them. I mostly see them hanging out with some badass, short-haired chicks.
      Maybe you reciprocate to their attention unknowingly, and it encourages them?

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  • Yin and yang. Black and white. Male and feminine.

    Yes, those guys usually do like very feminine kind of girls. Complementing each other. Being different sides of the same coin.

  • If you don't have a belly shirt with a tramp stamp in the back and aren't wearing thigh high boots, where and how many of these guys are finding you?

    Do you hang out in biker bars? That would do it.

    • Sometimes I see them out on the street and as I love motorcycles myself (not the mechanisms of them, but rather the feeling of being on one) sometimes I will compliment them on their bikes or they will just stare at me and check me out or try and talk to me as I walk past. Other times I will go with my father to a mechanics shop because he owns lots of bikes and I will see bikers/mechanics there too :)

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    • Are men telepathic... :)

    • No but your interest in bikes would definitely show. I'm cursed with the act of blushing when I'm around a woman I like and they pick up on it instantly.

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  • Because you're attractive. Guys are into attractive girls and yes, it's that easy.


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