Girls, how would you feel about this sext?

I've been seeing a girl and the last few weeks things have been rocky. Because of some serious baggage, she's reluctant to communicate directly. I'm left to figure it out for myself but it's even more difficult than it normally is. I have no clue what our status is right now. Haven't seen her in a couple of weeks and not sure if/when I will again. But we still text regularly, her with varying degrees of enthusiasm (she's also been sick and is always tired from her busy life), so my guess is she's trying to keep me at arm's length until she's ready. This Saturday I threw out a hint that I wanted to come see her, and then she used a pet name she hasn't used in weeks (she'd kept the pet names light and few and far between recently), and later told me she had a bad night and wished I was there with her. I replied "I could be. Just say the word and I'm there." She never really replied to that text, but told me the next day (yesterday) she thought she called me later Saturday night but checking her call log apparently she hadn't. So I guess she wanted me to come over but called the wrong number or something. Or at least she wanted me to think that so I didn't get the wrong idea and move on? Anyway, in an attempt to test the waters, I texted her today telling her I've been having dirty thoughts about her (we've done that before, and we've had a lot of sex). I said one thing in particular had been on my mind that I never thought of with other girls before, and that I really wanted to do it with her. She said she's almost afraid to ask what it was, at which point I said I didn't want to spoil the surprise anyway, but that if she wanted I would explain step by step. She said "lol that's ok," which is not far off from what she might have said before. But she was responding (she's a preschool teacher so there's only so much she can get into it at work). So - girls, in a situation where it might be rocky with a guy - how would a sext like that make you feel? Short and long term?
To be clear (I'm a slave in the original question to 2000 characters), I'm wondering did I give her something to think about? Is she turned on? Is she wondering what I want to do in bed with her? Is she creeped out (I'm hoping/thinking no since I'm not some random guy on Tinder or at a bar - we have some kind of history together, used to sext, and have had a ton of sex)? Or something else? Will she be conflicted? Scared? Intrigued?
Sorry for multiple updates - I can't go back and edit and the character limit thing again -

"Uncomfortable" is a better word than "scared." Take note that normally she would block guys sending her unwanted sexts - or even texts - and she didn't block me after this. She actually has blocked me before during a fight and unblocked me. I would think most girls would ignore it and not respond at all. But I'm a guy, so I'm stupid.


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  • Just dirty thoughts? That's not so bad


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