She has a boyfriend but likes me?

So two weeks ago I started texting a girl because she told my friend that she thought I was hot. We texted eachother tons and then on Friday she got really drunk and started saying stuff like "date me" "I love you" and stuff like that. She has a boyfriend so I told her that but she responded by saying that she loves him a lot but it's ok (I've heard that they're in some sort of "open relationship") and that she wouldn't ever cheat, but dating is ok.

So I think she likes me a lot but I'm not sure how to move forward because she still loves her boyfriend. From our texts I can tell that she likes me a lot but wouldn't leave her current boyfriend. What should I do?
I wouldn't do anything while she has a boyfriend, but how should I move on because I still want to be friends


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  • Slooty, slooty, sloo!

    Don't, unless you want this boyfriend to literally kill you.


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  • Um, dating is okay? And then from there what? If she's not going to cheat on him then she shouldn't either emotionally. This sound a tad bit weird. Are you okay with you guys not going anywhere relationship wise?


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  • Don't get involved in it.. If a no where deal what is the point


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