Is it worth it to apologize? Or have I done enough damage?

Hello guys. Gag and real life villain here.

I know that this will he a delicious bit of news especially to those who hate me but eh, I wear my heart on my sleeve and yes, I have a heart.

So there is this guy that I have liked for ages and I conjured up the courage to ask him out to the movies. Now last week I admitted to him that I thought he was hot and I placed some sexual innuendos (he said his head was hurting and I said that he should come over and I would massage his head... He actually didn't get it). Anyway after I said that, he asked me if I was drunk and I said a little (I was extremely sober and thinking clearly). Then he said I was hot too.

So then I invited him to a group outing for the premier of hunger games 4 and he said he would come and then yesterday he messaged me saying he can't come anymore coz he had a bucks night. I thought he was weird with me because I told him he was hot and he wanted to avoid me.

I told him that it was fine and that I invited everyone I knew. Then I said that I don't mean anything i said and that I was tipsy and that I liked him as a friend but for him to have fun. He replied that he never thought of that and that yeah he will have fun.

Then things got out of hand and in the end I told him to get fucked and blocked him.

Yes, egos got in the way but I admit that I am a bit of an angry person because all my life, I have always been the last resort and rejected. Yes, laugh and gloat. Its Ok.

What I want to know is that I want to apologize to him. Should I or did I do enough damage?

I feel like shit.
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I apologized and we are fiends again


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  • I say to try and redeem yourself and apologize. Tell him you are just really attracted to him and you were just really looking forward to seeing him. Tell him how bummed out you were he wasn't able to join you. Tell him you were just trying to down play the situation and that is why you said you only liked him as a friend. Then tell him you felt hurt and rejected and that is why you told him to fuck off. Tell him you are very sorry and you did not mean it and if he is ever interested that you would love to go out with him.

    Even if he doesn't return your message, at least you tried and became a better person by apologizing.

    Tip, do not invite him to hang out with you and your friends. This makes any guy feel less important and sorta like a 5th wheel.


Most Helpful Girl

  • So you snapped because he didn't go out with you. Explain that to him and that you have a temper but would like to start over. If he declines than that's his problem. You don't have to necessarily apologise but by making an attempt that should show a lot.

    • Yeah I kinda did.

    • And I have a terrible terrible terrible temper. I never used to be like this. Just past 3 years it has grown.

    • I've grown increasingly angry too. The other day I had to walk away. But yeah, if he doesn't want anything to do with you then he's being a girl.

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  • Just apologize, the whole story sounds like too much drama for what it was worth.. apoligize, build a bridge, life moves on...

  • Depends. If you want to bring it back to a romantic type level, you are going to have to be really sincere and put yourself out there, knowing he may not accept it. If you're willing to do that, then go for it.

  • I am glad you apologised and you sorted it out with your friend - It sounded like one of those misunderstandings that escalate out of control and the participants are not sure how it happened - Okay what I would do is get things on an even keel again as friends then reassess how you feel about him, from what you said it seems like you do both like each other - If you still like him broach the subject as before but in a more straightforward manner, show and say that you do REALLY like him, no pretending to be drunk or anything that may confuse things - If he reciprocates great, if not then just say "Cool we can still be friends I understand how you feel" - Sometimes in life we have to step outside our comfort zone and the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward - Which is more important realistically the potential for a bruised ego or the potential for something special. To paraphrase a sport cliché, a bruised ego is temporary but something special could be far more substantial.

  • I never knew you were a villain. Then again, I practically don't even know you.


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