I need some definite direction. How do you get a girl to stop dragging things? How do I get a definite answer?

I met this girl at a party 11 days ago. She gave me her number and asked me to text her, so I did.
We went on a date 3 days later - made out, cuddled etc.
On the second date, another 3 days later, she was in a hurry to leave - "stressed" because of work apparently, even though she asked me out. I consider it a dating slump and ignored her thereafter.
She got back in touch with me the next day, apologizing and thanking me. She texts me every day.
I asked her out on 2 more occasions but she said she had a prior commitment. I compliment her once every now and then and hint to her that I want her e. g. last night, she was watching a romantic movie - I said to her "That movie makes me wish I was with you right now". She just ignored me.
I've just about had enough - I need to know for sure if she wants me or not. I need to let her know that she has to make up her mind or I'm not sticking around. I'm not into playing games and I can't let things drag on any more. How do I say it to her?


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  • Talk to her

    • and what do I say to her?

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