My exhaustion is making it so I'm completely unhappy with my boyfriend?

Many people will think the answer is simple: "Get more sleep". I can't, physically. I have suffered from sleep deprivation since I was 17 years old. I will toss and turn until sometimes 4am, just to turn around and be up by 7-7:30am every morning. The doctors say there isn't much they can do for me because I have a Kidney Disease that makes it so I can't take a lot of medications that could help me fall asleep.
Recently it has gotten a lot worse as I have started working morning shifts. I am out of the house by 3:30am every morning. My exhaustion has made my enthusiasm drop drastically when it comes to my boyfriend. I don't want him touching me or engaging me in conversations 90% of the time because of this screaming headache that I have almost constantly. And more so than not I get extremely pissed off because I will tell him I am going to take a nap (so he has to keep an eye on the kids) just to later have the kids jumping all over me aw soon as I fall asleep because my boyfriend decided to fall asleep on the couch instead of watching them. This is an almost daily occurance. Anyone know of anything I can do? Home remedies or otherwise? All advise welcome! I'm really just looking to have my life back to normal.


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  • I would say have your boyfriend cuddle you to sleep. Whether if it's spooning you sitting in his lap or other wise. Comforting touches and massages put people to sleep. Seem like only a prayer can help you beside that.

    • Actually it does make me feel better with him beside me so you may be on to something. Normally he will fall asleep downstairs. I will have him come to bed with me and see where that goes.

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    • Wow , growing up with a cowboy lifestyle I rarly see guys without energy.

    • I guess that just a difference in lifestyles.

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