So what do you ladies and gents think about this? Did his brother say this or did he say it?

So I got a text from my guy (we're not dating but we really like eachother & are like besties). I got a text that said "I love you" & I was SHOCKED! & I texted back "omg I love you too *his name* 🙈🙈" & it was maybe 1 minute after I sent it, he facetimed me but I didn't answer it bc I was with family! So the next day, I brought it up & I was so embarrassed bc he was like "that wasn't me that sent that" & I was like "what? Who sent it?" & he was like "my ugly a** brother"! & he said he had let his brother call somebody on his phone & then his brother was going through his messages & told him that he texted me "I love u" & He said that he was saying to his brother "why would u do that?"! I was soooo freaking embarrassed!!! I really thought it was him that said it & was SOOO happy! So that happened a few weeks ago but lately I have been thinking about it & I was like hmmmm what if he really did say it & is just saying his brother did for some reason? Bc if his brother said it, then why when I texted him I love him too, why did he FaceTime me like RIGHT after he read my message? & if his brother is the one who texted it, why didn't he just tell me when we were texting later that night? Do y'all think he really said it? Or his brother? Oh AND if his brother is the one who said it, could it mean that my guy has been talking about his feelings toward me around his brother & his brother texted it to try to tell me something? Please feel free to comment/answer the poll or both! Thanks in advance!
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  • His brother is probably trying to tell u something bc your guy may talk about how he feels about u around him!
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  • Why would his brother risk calling you and showing his face in case you answered?
    I think it was him, and he just wanted to see your reaction. Maybe laying some ground to know how you feel and react

    • See that's what I was thinking!!! I'm like if he didn't say it, I dont think he would have facetimed me right after he read my response! I think he said it! But why would he say his brother is the one who texted it?

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    • Can you report back if you make any progress on any of those subjects? I got interested now :P

    • Lol sure!

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