Is she interested?

So I met this girl online a while ago. Things hit it off really well and we were talking on the phone constantly. She decided to break it off since things were moving too fast.

Fast forward a few months. I messaged her again and we started to talk again, only to find out she was dating some guy. We kind of just left things at that because I told her that I couldn't be just friends.

Another month past, and we started talking again. Things picked right back up where they left off - super flirty, fun and conversation was flowing. This time she invited me out to the movies. I decided to hold her hand because I felt like I had nothing to lose. She didn't resist or anything but I just held her hand for a few minutes because I was unsure where things were. I decided to ask her to dinner as a way to repay for movies the next day and she said yes, but we never specified the time. I decided to see if she wanted to do anything after work since she had a short day and working from home. She declined saying that she was too tired.

What do you guys think? Interested or not?
Any other opinions?


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  • She might have been tired. If she's going on dates with you and talking to you regularly, she interested. Just ask her what a good time is for her, and you'll take her out again.

    • Hmm.. I want to avoid looking needy by keep asking her :/

    • If you have asked, and she doesn't respond and bring up the topic of another date, she doesn't want another date... you gave her opportunity, and now just leave it up to her.

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