Should a guy not date a girl?

If she suffers from depression? I know i am depressed, and because of that i am unable to date around, the one guy i like dumped me for another uglier girl (no joke, look we are all beautiful in the eyes of god, but i wasn't expecting that), instead of helping me, he walked out and was suprised i told him he was dead in my eyes when i am finally myself again. Why is a woman supposed to be happy? when a woman isn't, she gets called out a bitch or cold hearted, what if i can't show my emotions.


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  • Listen girl... Get yourself some professional counseling and or psychiatric help!
    Nobody can help you but yourself... Or professionals that are paid to help those like you... If you're not happy with yourself nobody else can be, likewise... if you're not happy with yourself, no one else will meet your expectations... And that is no way to live for anyone. Depression is a serious subject, you need to get yourself out of it before you pursue a relationship with someone... Because you can not find happiness or depend on someone else to provide you with that happiness, that something you have to be able to develop for yourself.
    The thing is... In today's day in age you should not have to suffer... Just get yourself to help that you need!


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  • No one is obligated to help another person with their depression, not even if they're dating. It's a mental illness that the person themselves has to deal with. It is the other person's right to determine what is right for them, and if they want to be in a relationship with someone who suffers depression or not. He isn't bad for doing what he did, and you aren't bad for having depression, it's just how it works out.

    • he said i wish i met you at another time... WTF thats not love,

    • No, it's not love. If he truly loved you he would want to be with you, he doesn't. It's the unfortunate truth. Now you know.

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  • I will tell you a bit of my story..
    I'm currently chasing a girl who has been hurt in the past various times and due to that she got really bad trust issues , anxiety, and depression. I confessed to her and she didn't let her guard down aka rejection (I totally respect that). It has not stopped me from trying because I really feel she is the one. And recently she has been telling me a lot of how she admires me and the impeccable guy I'm, also that she is happy to know me better (I don't really know if she is starting to change her mind but I'm hanging on that last hope).
    So to my conclusion, If you really love and care for that person, you will try to make her happier and feel better about herself, and try to reach the best for both of you. Fight the hard times together, live the ups and downs.
    Hope I helped :)

  • I would yes.
    We will have to take each day as it comes we will have good and bad days but we will go with it.


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