We broke up because I have a hormonal imbalance and my moods are... mental?

To be fair, I had no idea I was suffering from a hormonal imbalance. Our relationship started out well, but after only a few months I noticed myself getting extreme PMS about the week before my period.

Which was manageable. Until the lead up to our break up when I started getting moody for like 2-3 weeks out of every month. I'd get extremely argumentative, to depressed, to crying, to angry and round again. I never even noticed how bad it was at the time until my boyfriend spilt up with me because of it.

I'm getting blood tests at the minute to see what's going on with my body. And although we split 5 months ago, I've let my ex know there's a reason for why I was being so moody before. I've never been the kinda girl to suffer from extreme PMS so I don't know what's brought it on.

Constant sore breasts, exhaustion, memory fog, irregular periods and mood swings would explain it all though.

Would you split with a girl if things got that bad?


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  • This would only make me split up with someone if there were other factors about our relationship that were making me consider ending it. If her moods and behaviors starred changing like that, it's an obvious indication to me that something isn't right (either something happened in her life or she was suffering from a mental/emotional issue), and even if these negative moods were hard to deal with, or were even hurting me at times, I'd want to try and help her through it before considering ending the relationship.

    • Thanks for your honesty. Yeah, there were other factors, but this was the biggest one. Neither of us actually realised that I had this imbalance though. But yeah, he left after trying for so long. And not long after he left my grandpa and my two aunties died suddenly... and that set my moods worse than ever. I'm just angry about it all I guess.

    • I'd be angry too, and it's okay to feel that way. I'm sorry that you didn't know what was wrong any sooner, and I wish you the best in recovering and managing things

    • Thanks for understanding... makes me feel a bit less crazy :(. Thank you, that means a lot. I'm sure I'll be ok eventually :)

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