Is there a chance for a reunion?

If guy truly misses the girl they use to see or talk too is their a chance that he may contact her. If a guy like to busy because that his normal routine pretty much. During the hoildays do they think about that girl that is on their mind and consider the chance to talk to her during the holiday or after? If a guy truly gives a girl hope without saying too much?


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  • for me, the girl is definitely on my mind for the whole holiday/vacation. so much so, that i honestly can't wait for the holiday to end so i can go back to wherever it is i see her. i can't take it anymore.

    • Alright but if you don't see her till the new year will it make a difference. Do most guys really have a heart were they truly care about a girl that stays on their mind all the time...

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    • Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. And I hope things can get better for your situation. Honestly I don't know what to do cause a lot of my friends think Im wasting my time... Do you think I am? is their hope for this situation to be better...

    • Like a couple months ago. He was like your on my mind and I think about you. And I tried to respond back but knowing him he likes to be alone a little too much just don't know anymore?

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  • Don't expect him to contact you. Do so yourself. There is nothing wrong with initiating contact with him.


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  • When you are involved. With someone else it's heartbreaking thinking about the past so it's best to try to let it go.


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