Hello everyone, I'd really appreciate you clicking on this question and helping a guy out! Does this girl like me, or is she just being nice?

Hi, well my school just did a musical last week, in it i had to jive with this girl, in the year above me. I always thought she was pretty but the musical gave me the chance to get to know her. We spent the majority of the offstage time together talking and laughing. All her friends kept gesturing that we were a couple and my friends said she definitely likes me because she wouldn't make the effort to talk so much to a random guy in the year below. Now that it's over I don't get a lot of chances to talk to her. I say hello when I see her in the hall but that's about all I get to say. The after party is this Friday night and I'm not really sure what I should do to, as they say 'make my move'. Then if it all goes well I will ask her to the cinema. Except I don't know how to 'make my move' or ask her out especially when we get brief periods to say hello. Thanks for any help! Just to add in, when we're ending the conversation on snapchat, she usually says 'Bye Mate'. Am I friendzoned?


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  • No dude your not friend zoned yet !! Here is what I would do if I were in your shoes. You say that you briefly see one another correct? Catch her and as her to accompany you to this after party you mentioned , this will let her know with out a doubt that you into her. That will be the perfect time to get more aqua red and will also give you the chance to ask her out. Now get with it dude. Good luck

    • I don't know what you mean sorry, how will I ask her?

    • Try something along the lines of you really had a great time doing the show with her , and if she hasn't made any plans on going to the after part with anyone else ; that you would be honored to take he.

  • At the after party just kiss her...


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