I need my girlfriends love back. What do I do?

I've been with the girl for 2 years and am positive she is the one. When were together its like sparks are flying even after all this time. The other day we were at a party where I very irresposibly blacked out. I was talking with some friends upstairs when the question arised "what would you do if she broke up with you?", I drunkenly replied find a hotter girl (Typical guy). It just so happens she was standing right behind me after my idiodic answer. But thats not who I am. I'd never hurt this girl seeing that I am in love with her. She is hurt to the core and is hardly speaking to me now. I'm doing all I can to get things back to how they used to be, but I need another chance. Alcohol always sees to be the problem, which is why I've given it up for her. Is it just time that she need? Help!!


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  • Well you're obviously sorry for what happened. You've taken steps to stop drinking for her and for yourself. And you care about her. So give her some time to see what I see, and she will hopefully understand what happened and be able to move forward with you.

    • Thank you! Is it possible that the situation was enough to completely deprive her of the love she once felt for me? Do you see this as a relationship ender?

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  • Show her this question you asked. Maybe it'll make ammends for her to see how struck with grief you are. Also, the fact that you were drunk might help your case, but i wouldn't rely on that one completely.

    • there's nothing I put on here that I haven't already preached to her. Even her mother said I shook her to the core with this one. I understand how terrible it must have looked to her, but I feel in comparison to other relationship problems, this is minuscule. Do you think its just time that needs to play a factor here?

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  • Screenshot the question on this forum and send it to her, if she sees that you've gone on a forum to get advice on getting her back she might realise how sorry you really are!

    That would impress me anyway. Good luck!


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  • I think telling her you are giving up alcohol for her and then sticking to it is pretty good. Tell her she doesn't have to forgive you right away and you understand why she'd be angry.. then tell her that you're going to prove you aren't that guy even if it takes the longest time. Then do it!


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