PLEASE READ: What happens to us when he goes back to uni?

I have been seeing my friend since about June/July with it getting more serious around September time.
At uni we slept in the same bed every night and would hang out both in friend group and alone during the day. Before we left uni (End of october) he even said he loved me, but hasn't said it since.
We are not exclusive, however neither of us have even kissed or messaged another person for about a month.

We moved home & are now 2 hours apart.
We message everyday, sext a couple of times a week, i go visit once every week or 2 and we have a great time.
Previously he has said he doesn't want a girlfriend as he just got out of something not too long ago (that I helped him through) & his life just isn't headed that way.
He even went as far as to say he never wants one. But has said things like "i'm not having kids till i'm at least 30" which USUALLY involves a girlfriend.

I just came back from going to a party with him & visiting him. We had a great time with friends & alone. His mum even said she liked me to him & that we should date.
The whole weekend he refused to let me pay for anything, paying for brunch with his sister & even my petrol!

I'm graduating this year & although i'm fine with not having a label while he is around & i'm trying to figure out what to do I don't know what happens when uni starts back in March & he leaves. I'm hoping to move closer to where he is now (for a job) but he will be hours away again & having fun with friends at uni. There is a lot of alcohol, other women & situations that will make what we have now difficult & me anxious as I have no security. I just don't know what to do?


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  • So do you want to be exclusive with him? It seems like you decided to. If that's the case, tell him honestly what you want. If you want him to go far from his place to see you purposely, negotiate.


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