Guys, if you ask a girl to get drinks, do you have any interest in dating her?

Last Thursday I danced with this guy for an hour or so and he got my number, and Sunday we met for coffee and talked for a bit and i had fun, i think he did too. when we left he said "we should do something, we should get drinks" and for me that was a turn off because, getting drinks isn't really a date, right?


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  • It was a test to see if you wanted another date. "drinks" are casual and if you say "yah that would be nice" that is a green light to look at some real dating, if on the other hand you say "no... I don't think so" it was only drinks so he really didn't ask you out. It was a safe way to see how you feel.

    • oh i acted like a bitch and was like "yeah..."

    • He took a safe approach you weren't out of line. Go with him and see if he chickens out again, if so, then move on

    • oh well i just texted him cuz i felt bad :/ but he probably just wants to hook up w me

  • Well, it sounds like a date to me. Not what I would choose, but still a date.


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