Guys, Do guys prefer to pursue a woman or do guys like to be pursued these days?

Im quite traditional and believe that if a man is interested then he will pursue a woman, of course if I like the guy I would reciprocate my interest but I just like to know that the guy has initiated it, if just feels strange to chase a guy and can seem needy or desperate, however I know some women prefer to chase guys.

whats your opinion guys do you like to pursue or be pursued?
Anyone lol?


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  • I believe some of us guys find it hard to become the chaser. Maybe because we all get filled up with media bullshit and so on. If the girl pursues the guy in a nice way and he has some interest then why not?

    • What do you mean by media bullshit? As in nice guys don't get the girl?

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    • Thanks for responding šŸ˜Š

    • You're welcome :)

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  • I don't mind to be honest.
    Both have perks.

    • But if you really liked someone would you initiate it or wait for them to approach you?

    • Well I wouldn't charge in like a mad bull, I need to assess the situation and gauge her interest.

      Simply put, yes I would initiate, most girls appreciate that.

    • Yes we do lol, thanks for answering

  • You come up to me :D

    • Why is that?

    • Because it's simply unfair for us guys to be the chaser all the time, We too fear rejection. Girls don't go after guys because they fear rejection as well. So it needs to be both ways and stop following society.

    • Interesting thanks for answering šŸ˜Š

  • Well I'm too shy to ever approach so my only shot at ever finding a relationship is if they approach. Not exactly holding my breath. I don't demand them to approach since I can't do it myself that would just be hypocritical it's just what I hope for. Oh well :/


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