Was it wrong I complimented him?

I have always thought that my college professor has a nice smile and sometimes I would even lose focus because of it. Anyway, today I walked in the classroom and I dropped my book and my professor saw some cartoons I had done for my drawing class, he then smiled. That's when I said to him without really thinking about it "with all due respect, you have such a lovely smile, I've always thought so!" He looked at me surprised and now I don't know if I slipped on that one! it wasn't necessary that I said that but it was so uncouncious, although I said it with respect I'm afraid he will take it the wrong way. He's my professor and also married, I don't know, did I messed up or am I overthinking the situation!


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  • He was probably secretly flattered and obviously surprised as it did sound a bit flirty. I would honestly go into class and make a point of being complimentary to your friends and other people in your class for a few lessons, just to make it seem like you are just naturally like that, then he may not think you like him lol I wouldn't overthink it though, as long as your not gazing at him with love heart eyes I'm sure he will forget about it

  • It's not a big deal, what's wrong with complimenting somebody? I do it all the time to my professors and they do it to me too.


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