So does it sound like this guy likes me or not? Should I move on?

Only asking for non judgmental answers*** disclaimer

he's my former boss who lives in my hometown who has a little girl and don't ask me why but I really have the biggest crush on him and it sucks at times. I haven't seen him in about 8 monthes since I moved and I was going to visit next March when I'll be 18. He's 33 and he gave me his number when I left my hometown for college and said to text him if I needed him. Quickly our texts kinda elevated to sexting and at the time he had a girlfriend but we never really did anything beyond that. Throughout our sexting period we only talked on the phone once than he literally stopped texting me back altogether so I stopped for a little bit too. He made a comment on the phone like "who knows what will happen in the future but every time you get the urge to send me those messages you should be a woman and do something else because you don't know what that does to me." He basically has only texted me less than 5 times in the last three monthes and yesterday I went to my hometown because I had a layover in that city and I told him he should meet me there to wait with me and he sounded like he wanted to start something and I worked myself up for it but he said he was watching his daughter until Monday. Than I texted him I miss you and he said I miss you with a heart and I sent him a picture of me on the plane and he never texted me back. Even though he was really happy supposedly when he heard I was coming back home. I don't know if he likes me and I can't ask. Feel like I'm wasting my time or this situation is too complicated to fix

Age of consent is 16 where I live also I turn 18 in a couple of monthes so I'm not looking for a lecture I honestly really like him


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  • I honestly think that a man who can sext with someone else when he has a girlfriend would do the same to you if he was with you.

    I'm not judging you at all but I can say from experience that strong attraction doesn't mean anything. If you feel this strongly for him now when he's barely shown interest apart from when he's being sexual, then sleeping with him will only make your feelings stronger. He seems like a charmer and his hot and cold attitude is probably making you want him more.

    I think you should forget this guy and hold out for someone who doesn't make you question their intentions


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