How often should I be talking to this guy?

I really like him and we kinda just started talking again, but he's a really dry texter. I texted him today due to him getting in a accident yesterday so I was just seeing how he was and we talked for a while I was thinking to text him tomorow but I'm not sure if I should or not; I really done wanna screw it up
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  • Ok , honey... this is how you do it

    on some days, you flood his phone with text messages... on some days, you totally ignore him, it's called the hot & cold treatment, keep that ''treatment'' consistent until he goes crazy and the next thing you know, he'll be the one chasing after you

    • So your saying go 2 days texting him and then ignore him for how ever long?

    • It's totally up to you, set intervals.. say you text him 2 days straight, then proceed on ignoring him 5 days... then text him again for a day, then ignore him for 3 days... do this just to test him.

    • What would I be testing for?

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