Boyfriend keeps our relationship secret. No social media. My aunt commented about me on fb under his status and he deleted her comment. Why?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I HATE having my life discussed on Facebook. I would put more emphasis on HATE if I could. If I see my life being discussed on Facebook (which I rarely visit) I will delete the conversation too. Maybe your boyfriend is like me?
    Really, who NEEDS to know about your relationship? Why do you need everybody to know? It's not their business anyway. Also, who is really interested to know? Do you think people are really interested? I sure couldn't give a shit... The only people interested are close to you and they probably knew about your relationship outside of facebook. So why is it something you are even thinking about?

    • There is a difference between keeping something secret and not putting efforts to make sure everybody knows.

Most Helpful Girl

  • His behavior sounds really suspicious. He could be hiding something else besides your relationship.


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  • Because it's a secret.


What Girls Said 1

  • Seems like he is hiding you from someone on fb. Have you ever met his friends and family?


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