So I just found out my boyfriend is a liar... The lies he tells are to make me "feel sympathy for him" or to "impress me." Should I leave now?

So I thought maybe the stories he told me did not add up... I caught him in a lie last week, and it made me seek truth on EVERYTHING he told me. Lies I found out

1) Promotion at work ---lie
2) Mother had biospy --- lie
3) His phone broke --- lie
4) He was on the church board --- lie
5) His father died of a disease when he was younger and he had to care for his mother...---lie (

The sad part is I've fallen in love. I haven't confronted him, and I don't know how to... I know I got to end it... It's so hard...


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  • Your boyfriend may be suffering from compulsive lying disorder. He may lie about some facts to evoke sympathy and awe about himself, he is not a 'bad' person, per se. And if you know him closely, you'll understand that he is not using you in any way by lying. And chances are that he truly loves you. I'd suggest you to talk to him about this calmly and make him understand that you already love him and his lying will not strengthen your feelings about him in any way. This will help.
    He may continue to lie even then, but if he loves you, he will not cheat or hurt you in any way. He'll lie about inconsequential and mundane things, because he has to lie, his brain is wired that way.
    Work with him, and the results will be worth the effort. Good luck :)


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  • Hell yes. He's deceitful, manipulative, and clearly enjoying doing that to you, so stay away from him. Those people are toxic and destructive.


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  • One of the hardest things in life is to learning to say NO. I think if not today, someday you gonna do it. Listen to your guts

  • That really really sucks.
    I'm sorry,

  • not sure what anyone would have to gain lying about stuff like that..

    do you have to end it because you fell in love with the portrait he painted of himself?


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