Girls, how do I ask her out?

I rarely see two girls that I like in my college campus, and when I do, they eat with their roommates. I do not like the idea of intruding their group. So, how can I ask one of them out? I am Indian and the other two are Korean and Indonesian. How to flirt without looking creepy?


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  • I would suggest approaching them at a place where it is normal for you to be. For example, when they are getting food, go to the same place where they are eating and try to strike up a casual conversation (don't flirt first, this may freak them out). Do this for a few days (I know, patience), and hopefully they will invite you to sit with them (I can't think of another way for you to get to know them without being too forthcoming). This is the best idea I have, I hope it helps.

    • They invite me to sit with them. And we talk while eating (when they are alone)

    • Oh then talk to them more and more, eventually you'll get more comfortable with them and you can get a feel for if they are interested in you. Do you think they are interested now?

    • We do not see each other too often to say so

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  • Ask her if she wants to go to lunch, you'll pay.


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