Why does dating rely on sex so much?

It seems like now ladies are in such a rush to have sex or give it up so easy. Sex in 3 dates is ridiculous to me. What happened to a man truly getting to know a woman. Taking her out on romantic dates and just cuddling without having his hands down her pants , vice versa. It's just ridiculous to me people say sex is such a huge part of dating , and that " men will get bored ". Absolutely not. My grandmother has been married for 28 years , and they didn't have sex until they was together for a year ! In not saying everyone needs to wait this long , but why does everyone say men " can't control themselves " . It's just ridiculous. If we are married then we can have sex as much as you want , but I personally wouldn't do ANYTHING with a man under 6/8 months.


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  • It's just a natural thing to do if both adults under consent, at the end of the day, a date is created to have fun, finally having an opportunity to let the sex to happen at the end of the night. The quote ''men can't control themselves'' is just an act of pushing too hard, trying to ''convince'' her to have sex without social calibration. Personally, I wouldn't stay any longer after 3rd date onwards if i found the girl not enthusiastic about me, or consciously holding herself back physically. Let me tell you ya, I have had an experienced where a girl showing multiple signs of interest, (ie touching me a lot), but she wouldn't even kiss me for 2nd date. I thought, ''that was hell lot of energy time being spent on her... i don't deserve to be with someone who doesn't go through his or her feelings.'' Love should be easily and effortless


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  • It depends on the people you choose to date. Some people are eager to wait for a longer period of time before they start expecting you to put out.


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  • My Grandpa got married when he was 16 and was married until my Grandma died.
    Twenty year olds get married and 50 percent of them will get divorced. Sign of the times sweetheart, accept it or deny it.


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