Is it my insecurities or she is just not interested?

There was this particular girl, who really got pissed off at my insecurities and stopped talking to me. She would normally reply my texts late like half the day at times when I've seen her online at snapchat or instagram or even sometimes online on whatsapp but she won't blue tick me. I am the kinda person who likes to be straightforward and rather get to know if uninterested in me than having to find out about it myself. When I tell her off, she seems defensive and claims to show that the she actually wasn't being ignorant but just doesn't reply to texts quickly. She claims to be hurt and pissed that I accused her of being ignorant. Then she kinda said goodbye to me. Is there anyway you girls or guys think I can get her talking to me again or change her opinion of me? Bcs she was one of those girls who's hard to talk to but over the past few months i managed to keep her engaged in talking to me, something not many guys could do with her. Do girls really look into account that sometimes, in terrible situations guys are willing to make up for bad incidents, does it flatter them? How can i do it right this time? We have stopped talking for a couple of days. Should I give it a break and try again after awhile or is it not worth trying again, because I dont like to give up on anyone easily. And over the past few months we've texted she says she is fine in going out with me but it never seemed to happened, yes she is busy but that doesn't mean she can't have 2 hours for me right? and she also claims that her facial breakout makes her less confident to go out with me, i have convinced her with all i can that i'm fine with it but she is still stubborn. Please help me here guys and girls this really matters to me.
  • Can there be things done to convince girls otherwise when you let them down the first time?
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  • I should probably apologise and leave it here.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • this is just really strange and awkward why can't u both just chill out and have fun like a normal couple?

    • bcs when i ask so, she's aggreable to it but always busy, and i know she really is but there can't be a time she can't have 2hours for it right? plus she has she has self esteem issues on how she looks but i keep telling her im fine with it but to no avail. any suggestions?

    • just go meet her get her flowers and a present be spontaneous plan a date and go meet her outside her house or something

    • thank you for sharing your opinion

Most Helpful Guy

  • Women do not look forward to learning your insecurities. A real man has them but never reveals them and can confidently pass them over with no attention. Also, telling a women off and expecting her to contact you makes no sense. She's not going to start convo with someone who says that.

    It's evident you asked her where the relationship was going and that's what women do. She has lost interest and if you have any chance wait for her to contact you. Chasing will never save you.

    • ohh thank you for the opinion but i just wonder if there is anything you can suggest me to do here? or have i probably ruined my chance

    • Nothing, wait for her to contact you.

    • thank you for your reply, i hope she contacts me back

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  • I think she was not interested going out with you. You should've moved on early on.


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