Should I date a guy that doesn't speak my language but wants to learn that I really like?

We flirt hard. we both like each other. but he speaks Spanish and I only know about 5 words should we date and teach each other the language


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  • Why not lol
    since you like each other and feel that you should be together
    I have a crush from Jordan, he speaks arabic. And my language not that well. And it's funny trying to talk to each other

    • We like each other a lot but can't talk to each other without a translator

    • Me and my crush use either google translate for some words, or emojis lol. Though he understands like half of what I am saying, so it's easier for us

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  • Maybe. If you want to have deep rapport meaningful conversations i doubt u could do that without verbally.

  • Can he write in spanish?

    • I guess he can that's his language

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    • I don't think so

    • It will be hard then...

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